Registering a trademark is a crucial step in protecting your brand. The next step is stopping infringement before it gets out of hand.

TrademarkLock helps you identify newly filed trademark applications which might infringe upon your brand so you can take quick action. 

How it Works

Enrolling in TrademarkLock is easy

1. Sign up for TrademarkLock

To get started, simply complete the below form and include the registration number(s) of the trademark(s) you wish to enroll in TrademarkLock. If you don't know the registration number of a mark, you may enter the name of the mark and we will contact you to discuss.

We will review your submission and contact you to finalize your enrollment in the TrademarkLock program.

We charge only $24 per month for each trademark.  

2. Receive weekly TrademarkLock Reports

Each week you will receive a TrademarkLock report via email. The report analyzes all newly filed federal trademark applications to identify those which might be considered infringing. 

The report may also give you valuable insight into possible moves by competitors. 

3. Consult With Our Firm for Free

Concerned with a new filing that may infringe upon your trademark? We provide TrademarkLock clients with free consultations to discuss the issue. 

Additional services (including cease and desist letters or cancellation proceedings) may be available for additional fees subject to a separate engagement letter. 

Failing to police and enforce your trademark can lead to the loss of trademark rights as the mark can become "generic."