Business Formation

You’ve got a dream. Let’s make it a reality. We’ve helped countless businesses get their start and we would be honored to help you.

We charge an affordable flat fee for business formation and include everything you need to get up and running. Even more importantly, we take the time to counsel you on maintaining and running your new company.

Our business formation practice includes everything you need to get your business started.

  1. First, we schedule a meeting, phone call, or Skype conference to discuss your new venture. We get to know your goals, growth strategy, and co-founder climate. We discuss potential structures and entity choices and decide the best plan for your company.
  2. Next, we get to work. We draft your certificate of incorporation, bylaws, share purchase agreements, initial resolutions, intellectual property assignment agreements, and everything else needed to give you a strong foundation.
  3. Once everything is drafted, we review the documents with you and take the time to answer all of your questions. Because we work on a flat fee, you never have to worry about watching the clock. After we speak, we’re happy to revise and tweak the documents until they’re perfectly tailored for your company.
  4. Finally, we file the required documents and you obtain your EIN and 83(b) elections (if applicable). Then you’re on your way to success!

The Importance of Using an Attorney When Incorporating:

You’ve probably encountered LegalZoom and other automatic document assembly websites. Don’t be fooled — these are not law firms and your documents are not truly tailored for your business. You’re putting your heart and soul into your new business. Do it right.

A DIY service like LegalZoom can’t advise you on different structures. Only an attorney can provide legal advice to help you determine whether a C corporation, S corporation, LLC, partnership, or other entity is best. Further, a DIY service can’t save you from certain pitfalls. For example, in Delaware (where most companies incorporate), picking the wrong par value for your stock can cost you thousands of dollars in tax payments.

An attorney is also crucial for working through co-founder governance. How will your shares vest? Can co-founders sell their stock at will, or do they need the permission of the Board of Directors? How will the Board of Directors elected? By using an experienced corporate lawyer, you can ensure that these important issues are handled from the beginning.